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DWI Defense Strategy

Last updated on June 23, 2022


When someone is arrested on suspicion of DWI, they get a lot of advice from almost everyone around them; friends, family, co-workers and sometimes even the arresting officer gives you advice about what to do! It probably seems like everyone has a different answer regarding “the best thing to do.” You may have received annoying letters from attorneys who do not even know you, some of which can be intimidating, frightening, or just plain obnoxious.

The fact is that no two DWIs are alike because penalties and options vary depending on the facts of what happened, your record, the county and city you were arrested in, and the status of your driver’s license. DWI cases make up 95% of our case load and we have handled thousands of DWIs throughout the Twin Cities and Minnesota, so we’ve seen it all.

To get superior DWI representation, you need the best of these three things:


Your DWI lawyer should be familiar with the city and county of your offense and should know how that jurisdiction treats DWI cases like yours. Your DWI lawyer should also know the current DWI statutes and case law, which changes all the time. Finally, your DWI lawyer should take the time to learn about your situation so the goals of your case suit your individual needs.


DWI cases are not easy to win, and the justice system is not about to do any favors for DWI offenders in today’s anti-DWI society. An effective strategy is one that preserves every possible opportunity to impact the penalties you will be facing. That is the key to superior DWI defense strategy: preserving and taking advantage of opportunities. Whether it is for purposes of arguing the issues of your case, negotiating a settlement or controlling the timing of the penalties you will be facing, a solid strategy will help you come out of this with as little damage as possible.


Your DWI lawyer needs to devote adequate time and resources to your defense. You do not want to hire an attorney you are comfortable with and then have your case handled by someone else. You do not want an attorney who does not take the time to explain the ins and outs of your case to you every step of the way. You DO want a DWI lawyer who is passionate about defending DWI cases, not one who handles a few DWI cases as part of a hodgepodge caseload.

Our DWI clients have taken advantage of our knowledge, strategy and dedication for honest solutions to their DWI problems. Superior DWI representation may be more affordable than you think. Don’t let another day go by before you start working on your case. Contact our DWI lawyers today for a FREE case evaluation.