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DUI Evidence Against You For DWI Charges in Minnesota

Last updated on January 17, 2023

If you are facing DWI charges in Minnesota, police and prosecutors will utilize several specific tools to try to prove your guilt. We know all about these tools, such as those used to administer an alcohol breath test, and we know how to attack them. Do not assume that your case cannot be won or significantly reduced. Our knowledge, strategy, and dedication are unsurpassed in the area of DWI Defense Strategy, and we can help you.

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The lawyers at Meaney & Patrin, PA conduct an extensive investigation of the facts in your case. You will receive a lengthy questionnaire from us asking about your driving and medical history and other discreet questions that will help us defend you. We regularly go to the site of a stop or accident to get a first hand look at the scene of your stop and gather evidence in your favor.

Police reports and logs, audio tapes, 911 tapes, and video tapes can be retrieved and studied to find evidence both for and against you. We know how to get this evidence and we know what to look for.

Your behavior during an arrest or DUI stop, or a roadside sobriety test can vary depending on a variety of emotional and environmental factors. Often an inexperienced officer will claim to notice something that would suggest drinking when in fact the observation or the conclusion is inaccurate.

Police use alcohol testing devices such as the Datamaster DMT to try to measure your blood alcohol content. These devices and intoxilyzer readings are frequently capable of attack. The tests are not always administered properly, and the machines are not always maintained and calibrated in ways that they should be. We know how to find information related to these tests that can counter their effects on your case.

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