Derek A. Patrin Named 2011 Attorneys of The Year by Minnesota Lawyer For Role In Intoxilyzer Source Code Litigation

Each year Minnesota Lawyer recognizes the best achievements in the Minnesota legal profession with the Attorneys of the Year awards presentation. This year Derek A. Patrin was named in the 2011 Attorneys of the year by Minnesota Lawyer for Source Code Defense Litigation Team. Drunk driving charges are serious, and can have a huge impact on… Read more »

Ramsey County DWI Lawyer

Faced with a DWI arrest? This is not something that should be taken lightly. Even if you have never been arrested before or even if your license is perfectly clean, there is a lot at stake. To keep your record intact and your vehicle on the road, contact Ramsey County DWI Lawyers sooner, rather than… Read more »

Anoka County DWI Lawyer

Any DWI offense can impact more than just your driver’s license. Whether you are facing a standard ticket and license revocation, potential prison time or a felony offense, you do not want to risk your entire life and tarnish your record over a silly incident on the road. Make sure you understand your legal rights… Read more »

Hennepin County DWI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a DWI or DUI then you are probably aware of the risks. You will lose points that can result in a license suspension or vehicle impoundment. This could impact your career, the social life and your family life among other things. However, in many instances, if there are aggravating… Read more »

Hearing lays groundwork for case challenging Intoxilyzer

Minneapolis — A large crowd of attorneys and people charged with drunk driving met in Minneapolis Tuesday morning to prepare for a statewide court case that could potentially impact hundreds of DWI cases in Minnesota. The case challenges the reliability of the Intoxilyzer, an instrument widely used to measure the blood alcohol level of a… Read more »

Derek Patrin Wins Landmark MN Supreme Court Case

In a decision that will have immediate impact statewide, the Minnesota Supreme Court affirmed Derek Patrin’s discovery victory in Dakota County in the matter of State of Minnesota v. Timothy Arlen Brunner. Most prosecutors, judges and even defense attorneys thought that the Supreme Court would rule against Derek’s client, but the highest court in Minnesota came… Read more »