Drunk driving accident in Minnesota results in fatality

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Driving while intoxicated can result in a range of penalties that can include time behind bars, loss of driving privileges, expensive fines and more. When a DWI also involves a motor vehicle accident, particularly one that results in the injury of another person, it can lead to serious criminal charges that may impact the rest of a defendant’s life. Recently in Minnesota, a DWI accident resulted in the death of one person.

Details of a DWI accident

All of the details about this accident are not immediately known, but law enforcement from the Eagan Police Department have taken one person into custody after arriving on the scene. Officials confirmed that they have a man in custody, and there are multiple charges against him for his role in an accident that claimed a life. At this time, they are not confirming it was a fatal accident, but the specific charges listed indicate that it was.

The driver is officially charged with criminal vehicular operation, probable cause vehicular homicide, fleeing an officer and traffic DUI. Two of the charges are felony offenses, and two are misdemeanor crimes. A conviction would likely result in a prison sentence.

Defending against DWI and other charges

A driver charged with a DWI in Minnesota has the right to defend himself or herself against all accusations. This is also the case if the driver is facing charges of a drunk driving motor vehicle accident that resulted in injury or death. At this point, the driver will benefit from seeking an explanation of his legal rights and defense options.



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