Was there reasonable suspicion before your DWI arrest?

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Suddenly being pulled over and suspected of any kind of traffic violation can be a frightening and nerve-wracking experience for anyone traveling the roadways here in Minnesota. This can especially be true if law enforcement has reason to believe you were driving while intoxicated. However, the police can’t just pull you over without having a credible reason to do so. Known as reasonable suspicion, an officer must have a justifiable reason for suspecting criminal activity before making any traffic stop. 

Many different observations can provide law enforcement with reasonable suspicion that you could be driving under the influence of alcohol, including the following: 

  • You drove through a red light. 
  • You came to a sudden stop in the middle of the road. 
  • You were having difficulty staying within your lane. 
  • You made an illegal turn. 
  • You almost hit another vehicle, pedestrian or something else that was near the road. 
  • You were driving significantly below the speed limit. 
  • You were using your brakes constantly with no apparent reason to do so. 

An officer is also entitled to expand the investigation if he or she has probable cause that you are intoxicated after an initial stop for something unrelated to your driving, such as an issue with part of your vehicle or your license plate being outdated.  

Despite the seriousness of your DWI charges, you are still guaranteed the presumption of innocence unless and until you are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. An experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney can thoroughly evaluate the details of your arrest, including the possibility that law enforcement lacked reasonable suspicion to initially pull you over. Taking advantage of this professional guidance and support can significantly increase your odds of achieving the most favorable outcome possible for your unique circumstances.   



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