The impact of a DWI charge for those underage

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Teens and young adults in Minnesota, and elsewhere, can make some stupid decisions when it comes to drinking and driving. They don’t always have the cognitive ability to understand just how serious the consequences can be when they drive while under the influence of alcohol. But underage drinking is a very real problem that can lead to severe consequences if caught. These consequences could impact offenders’ ability to finish high school, get into college, and get a job.  

Underage drinking 

Underage drinking while driving can contribute to accidents where others are seriously injured or killed. Around one-third of car accident-related deaths among those 16-19 years old involve alcohol. Underage drivers are subject to a different threshold when it comes to driving under the influence. For those 21 years of age or older, a .08 or higher alcohol level is considered DWI. But for a driver who is under 21, being caught while driving with any alcohol content can lead to fines, loss of driving privileges for 30 days, and up to 90 days in jail. 

If an underage driver is convicted a second time of underage drinking and driving, they can lose their license for 180 days and potentially more time in jail. Being caught driving with an alcohol content of .08 or more will lead to loss of driving privileges for a minimum of 180 days, increased fines, and higher insurance rates. This conviction remains on one’s record for at least 15 years, which can significantly impact one’s future. 

Seek legal advice 

Underage drinking while driving is a matter that must be taken seriously. But that doesn’t mean parents should not act to protect the interests of their children. Parents of teens and young adults accused of DWI in Minnesota can benefit from consulting an attorney to understand their legal options.  



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