Driver arrested for DWI after colliding into deputy’s vehicle

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Facing DWI charges in Minnesota can be incredibly stressful. There are many possible outcomes when one is facing such serious charges. In some cases, the charges could be dismissed or reduced. If one is convicted, there could be fines, jail time, or loss of driving privileges. A recent collision in St Louis County has left a driver facing uncertainty after he was charged with DWI when he struck a deputy’s car that was parked on the side of the road.  

Details of the accident 

A St Louis County deputy was assisting a Minnesota State Patrol trooper at the scene of an unrelated accident. The deputy’s vehicle was parked on the left side of the northbound lanes of Highway 169 at around 9 a.m. The police vehicle was blocking traffic in the left lane and had the emergency lights on to alert drivers.  

A 25-year-old male, who was driving a Chevy Tahoe, rear-ended the deputy’s vehicle. The deputy was not injured. The driver showed signs of impairment at the scene of the collision. He was taken to a local hospital, released, and charged with second-degree DWI. A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of illegal drugs.  

Criminal defense 

Once someone is arrested for DWI, the first step is seeking legal advice. An attorney can provide one with information on how best to proceed forward with a defense strategy. Depending on the details of the case, one may have the option to plead to a reduced charge or decide to fight the charges in court. By understanding all the options and working with someone knowledgeable in Minnesota’s DWI laws, one can make the right choice based on the circumstances.   



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