Driver charged with DWI on private property

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A Minnesota man is facing serious legal charges after he was taken into custody for the intoxicated operation of a vehicle. Interestingly, the man was arrested and charged even though he was on privately owned commercial property at the time of the incident. Minnesota law enforcement has the right to arrest anyone for driving while intoxicated, regardless of where the person is driving or the type of vehicle he or she is driving at the time 

Arrested while driving a snowplow 

At the time of his arrest, he was plowing snow with a steer skid in a commercial parking lot. He came to the attention of law enforcement after security staff that worked at an adjacent building reportedly saw him drinking an alcoholic beverage. After the police arrived, they asked him to perform field sobriety tests, which he was not able to do. 

After a poor performance on these initial sobriety tests, Minnesota law enforcement then had him take a breath test. The results indicated that he had a blood alcohol content of .14%, which is well over the legal limit of .08%. Police noted that even though he was not driving a personal vehicle, a Bobcat is still considered a motor vehicle, and intoxicated operation of any type of vehicle is grounds for an arrest. 

What’s next? 

If convicted of DWI, this individual could face criminal charges that could alter the course of his life. He will benefit from seeking defense guidance regarding how he can defend his future interests and possibly mitigate the penalties he is facing. His quick action to secure defense counsel can make a significant difference in the outcome of his case. 



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