Vehicle fire leads to DWI charges for Minnesota driver

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A man is facing serious legal repercussions after he was arrested for the intoxicated operation of a vehicle. If he is convicted of driving while intoxicated, he could face serious repercussions, including loss of his personal freedom, loss of his driving privileges and the loss of his future opportunities. The laws regarding drunk driving in Minnesota are strict, and he will benefit from taking his situation seriously.

Details of an alleged drunk driving accident

The driver was taken into police custody after law enforcement arrived at the scene of a reported motor vehicle accident. According to the accident report, there was one person inside the vehicle when the accident occurred, and he was standing outside of the truck. When police arrived, the truck was in flames, but the occupant did not suffer any burns or injuries.

Law enforcement said the driver was intoxicated at the time. They indicated that he displayed several common indicators of intoxication, and his blood alcohol content was .28. The driver was unaware of the state of his vehicle or the crash that had occurred, and police arrested him at the scene.

A defense against DWI charges

The penalties for driving while intoxicated in Minnesota are significant. If a driver is facing these charges, he or she has the right to a defense and to fight back against all of the charges brought by the prosecution. It can be intimidating to navigate the criminal justice system and know how to confront DWI charges, which is why it is helpful to work with an experienced defense attorney.



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