DWI Enforcer All Stars Honored at Recent Twins Home Game

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Nearly 26,000 DWI Arrests in Minnesota last year According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Of the nearly 26,000 DWI arrests in 2022, 4,447 were made by the DWI Enforcer All Stars, some who were recently honored at the Minnesota Twins game on August 20, 2023.Throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, Minnesota State Trooper Gustavo Culbeaux, lead all enforcers with 173 DWI arrests in 2022. The 26,000 arrests in 2022 were the highest in 7 years.

After a DWI Arrest

An arrest for drunk driving can result in serious penalties, including time behind bars and expensive fines. It is prudent for a Minnesota driver to take his or her case seriously, seeking defense counsel immediately after an arrest. An appropriate defense allows one to fight back, pursuing the best possible outcome to the individual situation.  





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