2021 DWI Arrests Down Significantly

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The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) recently released 2021 crime statistics, and reported driving under the influence arrests totaled 14,799 down 17.37% from 2020, down 27.11% from 2019, and down 33.26% since 2015.

Past 6 years of BCA DUI/DWI Arrest Reports

The BCA reports on its website the past 6 years back to 2015, where reported driving under the influence arrests totaled 22,175, which is 33.26% more than reported last year.  The following four years (2016-2019) of reported driving under the influence arrest were 20,078, 21,012, 20,249 and 20,304- relatively consistent arrest patterns. Then the magic bug hit in 2020 dropping the reported arrest total to 17,912. Fortunately, last year’s lifting of restrictions did not result in more people being arrested for driving under the influence but it does beg the question of whether there are less people driving under the influence or less enthusiasm from police officers to arrest suspected DUI/DWI drivers. Let’s hope the former is the case but next year’s BCA report should help provide us with that answer. We now have an early update on 2022 and it appears drunk driving arrest are back up.

Defense options

Regardless of what one is charged with, that individual has the right to a defense. An individual facing criminal charges could result in time behind bars and other consequences if they are convicted. If you or anyone you know is facing a DWI charge, they will benefit from speaking with an experienced Minnesota defense attorney regarding how they can pursue the best possible outcome to their case.



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