Vikings offensive coordinator accepts plea deal for DWI charges

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Facing charges for driving while intoxicated can create one of the most challenging situations anyone in Minnesota or across the nation may ever encounter. Thoughts of significant fines, the possible loss of driving privileges and the ability to secure employment, and even the potential of serving time in jail can create a lot of sleepless nights. Fortunately, formal DWI accusations are still far from a conviction, and those accused of this criminal offense have certain rights, including the ability to explore all their legal options.

A recent plea deal for Wes Phillips — who is the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings — is an example of utilizing an available legal avenue to reduce the potential repercussions for DWI charges. Phillips agreed to downgrade his charges to careless driving after his original arrest for driving while intoxicated last December. After his arrest, the 44-year-old coach was charged with fourth-degree DWI.

What penalties does Wes Phillips now face?

The ramifications for the careless driving offense include a 30-day jail sentence, $378 in total fines and expenses, and community service of eight hours. However, should Phillips successfully complete the community service without issue, he will be able to avoid much of the possible time in jail due to a stay being placed on 27 days of the sentence. Coach Phillips has since made a public apology for his actions.

No matter the unique circumstances involved in a DWI arrest or the potential consequences of a conviction, there is professional help and support available to anyone facing these difficult times. An experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney can provide critical guidance through every step of this process, including thoroughly evaluating any potential plea deals. A savvy attorney will also be fully prepared for trial if necessary by determining the best possible criminal defense strategy to fight the charges.



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