Minnesota bus driver arrested for DWI while on the job

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A bus driver employed by the Rush City Public Schools was arrested after her bus left the road as she was on her morning route. When police arrived at the scene of the accident, they determined that she was under the influence of alcohol, and she was arrested for DWI. There were children on board at the time, and the school system had to call in another driver to complete the route. 

Charged with driving under the influence 

The driver was eventually charged with two counts of driving while under the influence. After police arrived at the scene where the vehicle had veered off the road, a preliminary breath test was done. Her blood alcohol content was at .199%. The driver stated that she had not consumed alcohol for several days leading up to the incident.  

Police reports indicate that the driver explained the situation by saying that her foot could not find the brake pedal, leading her to veer off the road. Police stated that they noticed the smell of alcohol on her breath. They believed that the coffee thermos found in the bus contained some type of alcohol, but it is not clear if this assumption has been verified. 

A future after a DWI arrest 

At this point, the Minnesota defendant will benefit from seeking the insight of an experienced defense attorney. He or she can provide insight into how to fight the DWI charges and pursue the best possible outcome to the case. It may be helpful to start with an assessment of the individual case. 



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