Preparing to fight a drunk driving charge

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The implications of a conviction for driving while intoxicated are significant. Minnesota drivers with these types of convictions on their records could face consequences that may include time behind bars, expensive fines, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device and more. In many cases, it is beneficial to fight a DWI charge and seek to protect one’s long-term interests. This starts from the moment the police initiate a suspected drunk driving traffic stop. 

During and after a traffic stop 

When a driver notices flashing lights in his or her rearview mirror, it is best to stop as soon as possible. While interacting with police, it is important to be respectful, but a driver does not have to answer questions, admit to drinking or even submit to sobriety tests. While there may be consequences associated with this, a driver may believe this is in his or her best interests. 

When preparing a defense, it is necessary to look at every aspect of the defendant’s interaction with law enforcement. If the traffic stop was invalid or there was a violation of the defendant’s rights at any point, it could invalidate the entire case against him or her. A careful assessment of the entire case can reveal what defense options are available. 

Quick action is necessary  

It is important to take quick action after an arrest to learn about the defense options available. It may be possible to fight a DWI and avoid a conviction, and it will be helpful to speak with an experienced Minnesota attorney to determine how to develop an effective defense strategy. With the help of a legal professional, it may be possible to protect and preserve one’s rights and long-term interests.  



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