Minnesota’s 2023 DWI Labor Day Campaign Results in Over 1,140 Arrests Statewide

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From August 18th through September 4th, Minnesota law enforcment arrested over 1,140 individuals for DWI as part of a limited-time safety campaign. A spokesperson from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety stated that the officers who worked this campaign received specific training on how to spot signs of possible intoxication. The penalties for driving while impaired can include consequences such as time behind bars, expensive fines and more. In Minnesota, more drivers could be facing these penalties and more as the state increases drunk driving patrols.

DWI Arrests By Agency

The Minnesota State Patrol (Golden Valley Division) arrested 84 individuals during this campaign, while the State Patrol (Oakdale Division) tallied 33 arrests. Interestingly, the City of St. Paul logged 42 arrests and the City of Minneapolis arrested only 6 during the same time. Outside the metro area, the Minnesota State Patrol (Duluth Division) accumulated 23 arrests, with the next highest coming from the State Patrol Division in St. Cloud with 22. Overall in 2023, law enforcement have arrested over 19,035 drivers so far as compared to 18,223 this same time last year.

After a drunk driving arrest

After an arrest for drunk driving, a Minnesota defendant will benefit from seeking legal guidance. It is important to confront these charges with a thoughtfully prepared defense strategy. To learn more about the specific options available to an individual, it will be helpful to seek the insight of an experienced defense attorney.



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