Minnesota lawmaker is facing charges of drunk driving

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The repercussions of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are significant. For many, a DWI in Minnesota can result in time behind bars, expensive fines and more. Additionally, this type of crime can impact one’s reputation and job opportunities. One state lawmaker is facing these potential repercussions and more after a traffic stop led to his arrest. He is currently facing two different misdemeanor charges 

Reports of drinking and driving 

The traffic stop was initiated by a law enforcement officer after a citizen reported seeing someone drink vodka in the parking lot of a liquor store. Presumably, that person drove off. Upon seeing the defendant’s vehicle, law enforcement noted that the registration was expired on the rear plate, and it did not have a front plate. The officer noted that the driver was also swerving between lanes. 

After stopping the driver and approaching the vehicle, the officer reported that the driver was demonstrating signs of intoxication. After a search warrant was obtained, the driver gave a sample that was tested for alcohol content, which was determined to be .099. The driver currently serves as a state representative for a district in the St. Cloud area. 

His defense options 

While there is no one-size-fits-all defense strategy, there are options available to him that will allow him to effectively confront the allegations he is facing. When facing drunk driving charges in Minnesota, it is helpful to have experienced legal counsel regarding defense options and more. An assessment of a specific situation can reveal the legal options available to a defendant as he or she fights back against a DWI.  



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