Minnesota lawmaker enters guilty plea for drunk driving

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Driving while under the influence can come with significant penalties, including time behind bars, expensive fines and more. It can also impact one’s personal reputation, which is a particularly significant consequence, especially for those who are in a public office. One Minnesota lawmaker recently entered a guilty plea for drunk driving. This was part of a plea deal that is still subject to a judge’s approval.  

A traffic stop and an arrest 

The lawmaker was taken into custody after police made a traffic stop for speeding. After speaking with the driver, police suspected that he may be under the influence of alcohol. They did a preliminary test to determine the driver’s alcohol content, and he was found to be at twice the legal limit.  

As part of his plea agreement, he admitted to driving while impaired. He sought a plea deal that would eliminate the need for him to spend any time behind bars. The accused man agreed to pay a fine of $400 and be on probation for two years. A Minnesota judge will have the final say over whether the terms of this plea deal will be accepted. 

Seeking the best possible outcome 

Everyone facing drunk driving charges has the right to seek the best possible outcome in their case. This may mean seeking a plea deal that would allow one to avoid jail time and other penalties. After an arrest, it is crucial for an accused individual to seek the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn about legal options and secure professional assistance for the coming court proceedings.   



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