Fatal alcohol-related accident

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A woman is facing criminal charges that could affect the rest of her life after a serious motor vehicle accident claimed the life of one person in the car. The Minnesota driver is accused of criminal vehicular operation and criminal vehicular homicide. If convicted, it is possible that she could face a significant amount of time behind bars. When an alcohol-related accident results in fatal injuries, the repercussions are significant, and the criminal penalties are steep. 

Details of fatal crash 

The defendant was behind the wheel of a minivan when the accident occurred, and her ex-husband was in the vehicle with her. While she was driving, her vehicle collided head-on with a pick-up truck after she entered the oncoming lane of traffic. There was another person in the backseat of the vehicle, but it does not appear that he or she suffered serious injuries. 

When Minnesota police arrived at the scene, the woman was allegedly unable to answer their questions regarding her personal information. The report states that she also had watery eyes. A breath test administered at the scene of the accident found that her alcohol content was over .20, and law enforcement says that she admitted to drinking throughout the day. 

Her future at stake 

If convicted of the charges she is facing, it will change the course of her life. The elevated penalties and other consequences of these criminal allegations are serious, but she does not have to face them alone. She may benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can provide insight regarding how she can develop an effective defense strategy for her situation. 



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