Drunk driver strikes vehicles before being placed under arrest

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In Minnesota, the penalties associated with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are steep. One driver is facing consequences that may include time behind bars, loss of driving privileges and more after an arrest for drunk driving. The woman was arrested by law enforcement for suspected DWI after striking multiple vehicles. 

Details of a drunk driving arrest 

The actions of the driver were brought to the attention of law enforcement after witnesses called to report a rear-end crash. The accident took place along County Road 75 in the St. Cloud area. The driver whose vehicle was struck from behind pulled into a gas station, but the other vehicle continued driving. The license plate of the vehicle that did not stop after the crash was noted by law enforcement. 

Later in the evening, police received notification of another accident involving a vehicle with the same license plate number. After the second collision, the driver of that vehicle crossed the median, striking a third vehicle in a head-on collision. After apprehending the driver, police performed a breath test. The driver’s blood alcohol content was recorded as .169%.  

Defending her future interests 

This driver is facing a serious and complex situation as her DWI case also involves property damage and the physical injury of others. Regardless of the details of her case, she has the right to defend her future interests at every step of the criminal justice process. With the right defense, she may be able to effectively confront the prosecution’s case and seek to preserve her long-term well-being. 



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