DWI defense needed for Minnesota man

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A 34-year-old man from Sanborn is facing serious charges following his arrest on the afternoon of Nov. 17. Minnesota State Patrol responded to a driving complaint about an unsafe driver and subsequently arrested the accused man. He is believed to have been drunk and carrying weapons at the time of his arrest, necessitating DWI defense in court as well as responses to additional charges.

What reportedly took place at the scene?

According to the complaint, police arrived after receiving reports of a driver swerving all over the road. They found the driver in an SUV, reportedly bobbing his head as though falling asleep. The man refused to perform field sobriety testing and was arrested, displaying what troopers believe to be intoxicated behavior. A search of the man’s vehicle revealed a converted rifle and a ballistic-resistant vest the man was not allowed to have based on terms of a prior charge. Several containers of alcohol, some open and empty, were also recovered.

A breath test taken some 1.5 hours after his arrest apparently revealed a blood alcohol level of .26, well above the legal limit of .08 for operating a motor vehicle and even higher than the .04 limit for carrying a firearm. The man is currently in police custody awaiting his next court appearance, which was slated for Dec. 6. He is being held against $20,000 bail without conditions.

Ensuring one’s rights are protected and fighting for the best possible outcome

In situations like these, where considerable evidence has been gathered against the accused person, it may be prudent to consider how the charges could be lowered in severity, rather than seeking to avoid punitive justice altogether. This is, of course, the province of the man’s criminal defense attorney, who will be tasked with providing DWI defense in court, as well as defenses against any other charges filed. While retaining an attorney does not guarantee a desired outcome in a criminal case, the support of a qualified lawyer can make a huge difference in the courtroom.



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