Felony DWI follows accident with injuries

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A drunk driving charge can quickly become even more serious when it follows an accident in which someone else suffers injuries. What may have been a misdemeanor offense likely escalates to a felony DWI. Perhaps the riskiest step a driver can take when in this position is to answer questions from police without first obtaining legal advice.

One Minnesota man is currently facing serious criminal charges after an accident early on a recent Friday afternoon. When first responders arrived at the scene of the collision, they found a sedan and a station wagon in the middle of the road. The driver of the sedan was able to get out of his vehicle, but the woman driving the station wagon had suffered serious injuries and was unable to communicate

The evidence against you

Sometimes drivers do not realize they do not have to answer police questions other than to confirm their identity. However, the man driving the sedan admitted to police that he had consumed alcohol before leaving for work that morning. Investigating offers claimed to have smelled alcohol on his breath, and witnesses say his vehicle was swerving in and out of the lane before the crash. Toxicology reports apparently showed the man’s blood alcohol concentration was above the legal limit of .08.

Because of the numerous serious injuries the other driver suffered in the accident, the man faces two felony DWI charges called criminal vehicular operation in addition to a fourth DWI count and other charges. Minnesota drivers in similar situations should be aware that their rights are on the line during police questioning, and it is always wise to remain silent and seek legal counsel.



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