The Politics of DWI/DUI – Introduction

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Nobody supports drunk driving and the tragedy that can occur when people drink and drive. Everyone agrees that the prevention of drunk driving is a worthwhile goal and encouraging people to make other arrangements makes sense. While drunk driving deaths and injuries are on the decline, we can always strive to do better. However, it’s time to take a hard look at the DWI statutes in place to see if we can accomplish these goals without sacrificing due process for those accused of drunk driving. In fact, we think that there are key changes that can be made in the DWI statutes that will enhance public safety and discourage drunk driving while preserving individual rights.

This blog series will explore some suggested changes to the DWI legal system that will improve the system for all: the public, the accused, and the courts. The categories of improvements include elimination of the vehicle forfeiture law in favor of the ignition interlock program, elimination of the obsolete and unconstitutional plate impoundment penalty, a reconfiguration of the so-called “physical control” DWI law, and a return to proper scientific principles for alcohol content in breath and urine. These topics will be addressed in this series in the hopes of getting beyond the typical knee-jerk reactions many people have when it comes to the prevention of drunk driving. We encourage anyone reading these entries to offer their opinions and suggestions.



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