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Faced with a DWI arrest? This is not something that should be taken lightly. Even if you have never been arrested before or even if your license is perfectly clean, there is a lot at stake. To keep your record intact and your vehicle on the road, contact Ramsey County DWI Lawyers sooner, rather than later.

DWI Defense Strategy

Every single DWI case is different. How fast you were driving, where you were driving, who was with you, what street you were using, whether or not there were others involved in the arrest, your previous record, your attitude and the judge on the case will all heavily impact what sentence you receive. However, the most important factor that will determine your fate is your legal defense.

The Ramsey County DUI Lawyer that you choose will make a huge difference to your case. Derek Patrin and Ethan Meaney of Meaney and Patrin Law Firm dedicate 99 percent of their practice to helping those facing a driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence arrest. Known as the “DWI Guys” in the legal industry, you can expect the best outcome possible when working with Meaney and Patrin.

Arrested for a DUI? What Next?

The goal to any DWI offense is to reduce the sentence as much as possible. In some instances, if, for example, you did not take the breathalyzer tests, the arresting officer was out of protocol or if the evidence is not accurate, then you could walk away with a clean slate. Speaking to a Ramsey County DWI Attorney about your options and your best defense tactics will help you determine what you can expect.

We operate on three simple but effective standards of practice: knowledge, dedication and strategy. When you put these three things together you get results. Our lawyers work tirelessly to retrace what happened on the road. We speak to experts in the industry and will look for any loopholes in the system.

In many cases the machinery and testing used to check your blood alcohol concentrate can be faulty or not accurate. What this means is that your arrest is void. We look for these opportunities and take them to ensure you the best chance to clear your name. If there is a way out of your DWI arrest, we will get you there.

What is at Stake?

Getting arrested for a DUI may not seem like a big deal but, in reality, this small crime comes with big penalties including:

–    Hefty fines up to $14,000
–    Prison time up to seven years
–    License suspension or revocation up to one year
–    Vehicle impoundment or administration of ‘whisky plates
–    Higher insurance premiums
–    A permanent black mark on your record

Contact the DWI Guys 24/7

All of these things should be avoided at all costs. Why make life any harder than it needs to be by living with a criminal record? Contact our offices at 1-800-DWI-GUYS or 612-333-3636 for a free initial consultation. The sooner you act, the sooner we can help you out of this jam and back onto the road.



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