CDL Issues

Even in the best of times you cannot afford to have anything disrupt your ability to earn a living. This particularly is the case during these very challenging economic times. If you are a commercial truck driver, you absolutely understand how supremely important your CDL is for you … and for your future.

The reality is that one of the most common types of charges that people across Minnesota and the country face is driving while intoxicated. The ramifications associated with a conviction for DWI (or DUI) can include significant jail time and costly fines.

If you have a CDL, ending up with a DWI or DUI conviction can be even more dire: You can lose your ability to earn a living for an entire year at a minimum on a first-time offense, even if you were not operating a commercial vehicle at the time of your arrest.

If you hold a CDL and have been charged with a DWI OR DUI you must have a MN DWI lawyer in your corner that will provide you the powerful representation you must have in order to protect all of your interests … including your commercial drivers license.

A Minneapolis DWI Lawyer with a Proven Track Record in Protecting the Interests of Commercial Drivers …

While there are a multitude of Minnesota attorneys that have extensive experience in handling DWI cases, most of these lawyers simply do not know the ins and outs of effectively representing a CDL holder who is charged with driving while intoxicated. The fact is that if this describes your own situation you must take a moment to consider how a MN DWI lawyer from Meaney & Patrin can provide you the precise professional legal assistance that you must have to deal with all aspects of your case … including protecting and preserving your CDL.

Through the years, Meaney & Patrin have represented many men and women with CDLs who had the misfortune of being charged with DWIs or DUIs. In this regard we have been able to not only defend their rights and protect them from jail time and excessive fines but we have also fought to ensure that these clients were able to maintain their CDLs and their employment.

A Minneapolis DUI Lawyer that Understands the Importance of Quick Response …

As the holder of a CDL, when you have been charged with a DWI or DUI you must react and respond immediately. You must make certain that you waste no time hiring a qualified MN DUI lawyer. Moreover, equally crucial is for any MN DWI attorney that you engage to be able to provide you immediate legal assistance.

Understanding that time is of the essence in these types of cases, the attorneys at Meaney & Patrin have the resources available to provide a quick response in your case. Through our experience in and knowledge of the judicial system we understand that by developing an effective course of defense for you we will be able to ensure that you will be in the best position to avoid jail time, high dollar fines and to prevent the loss of your all-important CDL.

A MN DWI Lawyer and Your Confidentiality and Privacy …

The Minnesota DWI Lawyers at Meaney & Patrin take your confidentiality very seriously. Of course, we always honor the confidential relationships that we develop with our clients. However, we also understand that when you make your living driving for commercial purposes even a public hint of having been arrested for a DWI or DUI can have serious consequences. Not only will we work to protect your legal interests following a driving while intoxicated charge we will also do everything in our power to protect your privacy along the way.

We have provided for your review the information that you will need in considering how we can be of assistance to you if you have a CDL and are facing a DWI or DUI charge. Take a moment today to visit the rest of our site. Additionally, we are available to meet with you at your convenience to discuss your case and the charges you are facing. Please call our offices at 612-223-6595. We will be happy to provide you with an initial consultation at no charge to you. Again, we understand the importance of developing a direct and powerful plan of action to protect your commercial drivers license in the aftermath of a DWI or DUI arrest.

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