Driving while intoxicated leads to guilty plea for Minnesota dad

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A Minnesota dad is facing stiff penalties after he pleaded guilty to drunk driving. His case is especially serious as his blood alcohol content was particularly high at the time of his arrest, and he also had his toddler son in the vehicle with him at the time. When there are aggravating factors, it can increase the severity of charges and possible penalties one could face for driving while intoxicated. 

Details of his arrest 

At the time police pulled the vehicle over, the driver’s BAC registered at .38%, which is nearly five times the legal limit. His 2-year-old son was also with him at the time, and law enforcement also saw three bottles of liquor in the vehicle. The driver was charged with gross misdemeanor drunk driving to which he pled guilty.  

Before pulling the driver over, Minnesota police noticed several actions often associated with drunk driving. This includes swerving, following too closely and not obeying the emergency lights of a police vehicle. He was sentenced to 365 days in jail, but he will only serve 30 of those in jail because of the state’s sentence to serve program. In lieu of serving his entire sentence, he will have to do labor or other types of community work. 

Seeking the best possible outcome 

It may be possible for some individuals who are facing charges related to driving while intoxicated to seek reduced sentences. Like this individual, they may be able to serve their sentence in the community instead of behind bars. The specific options available to someone facing this type of criminal allegation depend on the details of his or her individual case.  



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