Plea deals may reduce DWI charges

by | Jun 29, 2020 | DWI |

Charges for serious violations involving alcohol can place a driver’s future in jeopardy. A Minnesota driver who is involved in an accident with a blood alcohol concentration over .08 or someone with multiple convictions for alcohol-related offenses may face significant penalties for a conviction. Because of the uncertainty of a trial, many facing DWI charges willingly consider the possibility of accepting a plea bargain.

Prosecutors often extend plea deals to relieve the overcrowded courts. Those facing criminal charges can benefit from a plea deal because such deals often allow the accused to avoid the uncertainty of trial and the penalties attached to the most serious charges they face. This is because a plea deal likely offers reduced charges against a driver in exchange for a guilty plea.

In Minnesota, this may mean that someone facing DWI charges may instead plead guilty to careless driving. In more serious cases, a prosecutor may agree to drop charges of an enhanced DWI, for example, if a driver agrees to accept the consequences of a lower level DWI charge. If the evidence against a driver is very strong or a conviction could result in harsh penalties, a plea bargain may sound enticing.

It is important for drivers facing DWI charges to remember that accepting a plea deal means having a criminal conviction on their records and all the complications that go along with it. This is why a wise individual will delay accepting any kind of deal until he or she discusses the matter with a skilled attorney. A Minnesota attorney can provide a thorough evaluation of the case and guide a client toward the most appropriate course of action.



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