4th DWI arrest may mean felony charge

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Minnesota has some of the harshest drunk driving laws in the country. With a look-back period of 10 years, previous DWI convictions can follow a driver for a large portion of his or her life. Each subsequent arrest places a driver at a higher risk of long jail terms and considerable fines. Someone who is unfortunate to face four DWIs in a 10-year period will probably be looking at a felony charge. One man is facing that possibility following an arrest on a recent Thursday evening.

Police say they noticed the man’s vehicle had a tail light out. While following the vehicle, they also reported observing the driver tapping the brakes for no apparent reason and drifting within the lane. They initiated a stop. Upon approaching the driver’s side of the vehicle, officers claim to have smelled alcohol and observed the driver’s eyes, which were allegedly red and watery. These suggested to police that the driver had been drinking.

The 39-year-old driver submitted to a breath test that apparently resulted in a .23 blood alcohol concentration, almost three times the legal limit of .08. The man was also allegedly driving on a revoked license, possibly the result of the three previous DWI convictions on his record. Since this is potentially the man’s fourth offense since 2002, he is likely facing a felony DWI, which may result in a lengthy prison sentence and thousands of dollars in fines for a conviction.

The severe penalties of a fourth conviction can alter a person’s life indefinitely. Minnesota drivers who are dealing with a felony charge have reason to be concerned. Seeking the advice of a skilled attorney is a wise move.



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