Can I get a DUI for Operating a Drone

With any new advancement in technology, it not only brings with it a raft of anticipation and excitement but also throw up quite a few questions regarding how and when they can be used – and drones are no different. Drones are used for both recreational and business purposes including; aerial photography, research, search-and-rescue, building inspections, construction surveys… Read more »

DWI Guys Selected as Super Lawyers

We are very proud to announce that Ethan Meaney and Derek Patrin have both been selected as Super Lawyers for our work in DWI Defense. It’s an honor to be recognized for the 4th year in a row by other attorneys and judges for the high quality, effective representation we provide for our clients. Thank… Read more »

Can you get a DUI in a driverless car?

Self-driving cars might be some way off being the norm, but that doesn’t stop us speculating at just how good life might be thanks to fewer accidents, less congestion and road rage becoming a thing of the past as we sit back and let the drone take us home.   And what’s more, no longer… Read more »

Meaney & Patrin get another DWI case thrown out

Today a Hennepin County Judge threw out a DWI case because our client’s constitutional rights had been violated.  Our client was charged with DWI after an officer in a dark unmarked SUV pulled up next to our client at an intersection with controlled traffic signals.  The officer did not believe our client’s vehicle was up… Read more »

Another Successful Challenge by The DWI GUYS

The DWI Guys scored another victory for a client who thought there was no chance of winning. In this case, we challenged the initial traffic stop. Our client drove into the parking lot of a closed business at 2:30am, temporarily stopped his vehicle and turned off his headlights. He didn’t realize that an officer was… Read more »

Think: Don’t drink and drive this St Patrick’s Day

For many Americans March 17th means pints of Guinness or green beer as over 33 million of us celebrate St Patrick’s Day in one way or another. Whether you’re Irish or not seems to make no difference as St Patrick’s Day is now the fourth most popular drinking holiday, behind New Year’s Eve, Christmas and… Read more »

Minnesota’s Underage Drunk Driving Laws

Consumption of alcohol by anyone under 21 is illegal in Minnesota, but that doesn’t stop many people from having a drink before they turn 21.  Because underage drinkers cause a disproportionate number of alcohol-related auto injuries, the standards are stricter and the penalties may be harsher for those under 21. When it comes to underage… Read more »

Judge Orders Halt of GPS Tracking Ignition Interlock Devices

A Hennepin County judge has issued a temporary stop to the installation of ignition interlock devices with GPS tracking capabilities on vehicles of offenders convicted of a DUI. Ignition interlocks require DUI offenders to take a breathalyzer test before their cars will start and The Minnesota Department of Public Service announced earlier this year that… Read more »

Extra DWI Enforcement on Minnesota Roads this Holiday Season

Extra DWI enforcement on Minnesota roads will run through to the end of the year as officers clampdown on DWI and DUI offenders over the holiday season. Officers, deputies, and troopers from more than 300 agencies across the state will be conducting extra enforcement patrols to ensure extra safety on Minnesota roads. Holidays tend to… Read more »