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How do I comply with ignition interlock orders?

One of the more recent devices that aids in preventing drinking and driving is the ignition interlock system. If a Minnesota court has convicted you of driving while impaired by alcohol, the judge may have ordered you to have an ignition interlock system installed in...

Higher insurance is only one consequence of DWI

Minnesota is among the most expensive states for car insurance with average premiums over $1,300. However, the amount drivers pay for their basic coverage can vary dramatically based on numerous factors, such as age, the type of vehicle they drive and their genders....

Higher stakes mean higher standards for CDL holders

Drivers of passenger vehicle often feel intimidated when navigating traffic that includes 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles. They wonder if the trucker can see them or if the truck is safe to be on the road. They may have concerns about the hazards in...

5 reasons to refuse to submit to field sobriety tests

Drivers who encounter police that suspect them of driving while impaired may have no idea what to expect when officers pull them over, especially if they have no previous experience with a DWI arrest. Many believe that they can prove they are not impaired by passing...



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