What makes a DWI particularly challenging for a truck driver?

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Driving while impaired (DWI) is a serious offense for any motorist, but for truck drivers, the repercussions can be particularly severe. Commercial truck drivers are held to higher standards than other drivers, and as such, face unique challenges when charged with a DWI. What should you know about the high stakes that CDL drivers face when accused of drunk driving?

Truck drivers have a lower AC threshold while behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle.

Most states set the legal limit at 0.08% alcohol concentration (AC) for regular motorists. However, one of the primary differences for truck drivers is the AC threshold for a DWI charge. For those driving a commercial motor vehicle, the legal limit is typically set at 0.04% AC, half that of other drivers.

A DWI could put your CDL in jeopardy.

While any driver losing their license can limit their freedom, a DWI charge can endanger a truck driver’s CDL. Depending on their situation, a CDL driver might lose their commercial driver’s license for one year for a first-time offense. This is true even if they were not operating a commercial motor vehicle at the time. A second offense can result in a lifetime disqualification of their CDL.

Unlike other occupations where a driving license might not be essential, for truck drivers, losing their CDL means losing their ability to work. This not only impacts their current employment but also future job opportunities in the transport sector.

For those who find themselves facing a DWI charge, understanding the serious implications and seeking guidance from a DWI attorney is crucial. The right legal strategy can help you protect your freedom and your career from the impact of a drunk driving charge.



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