Stay Safe on the Water this 4th of July: “Operation Dry Water” Reminds Boaters to Exercise Caution

by | Jun 29, 2024 | BWI, DUI, DWI, Minnesota News |

What is Operation Dry Water

It is a national campaign conducted by the DNR starting on July 4 through July 6 to remind boaters to be safe and not operate a boat while impaired by alcohol or controlled substances. Boating While Impaired (BWI) is against the law in Minnesota with tough penalties if you are convicted. It can also have license ramifications to your boating and driving privileges.

Quick action is necessary  

It is important to take quick action after a BWI arrest to learn about the defense options available. It may be possible to fight a BWI and avoid a conviction, and it will be helpful to speak with an experienced Minnesota attorney to determine how to develop an effective defense strategy. With the help of a legal professional, it may be possible to protect and preserve one’s rights and long-term interests.  



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