Increase in DWI arrests over Memorial Day weekend

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During a holiday weekend, it is typical to see a rise in the number of people arrested for intoxicated operation of their vehicles. Over this past Memorial Day weekend, Minnesota law enforcement stated that there were 435 DWIs throughout the state. This represents an increase of 46 drunk driving arrests over the same weekend from last year to this year. Police consider this a troubling sign going into the busy summer months.

More vigilance expected

Law enforcement considers the summer months to be the most dangerous and deadliest months of the year in terms of serious or fatal car accidents. They say there is an increase in speeding, reckless driving and drunk driving. As a result, police are planning to increase patrols throughout the state over the summer months.

Higher numbers of drunk driving arrests over the past holiday weekend could indicate a trend of higher DWI arrests over the summer months. Minnesota law enforcement will be monitoring for any behavior from motorists that could indicate intoxication, including swerving, driving at erratic speeds, straddling the center line and more. Any probable cause for a traffic stop could lead to a driver being asked to submit to sobriety tests or a breath test.

Defending against DWI charges

If charged with a DWI, a driver has the right to defend himself or herself against these allegations. After an arrest, it is beneficial to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney who can provide insight regarding the most beneficial approach to the most effective defense strategy. A strong defense may provide a way for a driver to fight back against drunk driving charges, possibly avoiding a conviction or mitigating the penalties he or she is up against.



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