Michigan law enforcement officer arrested for drunk driving

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In Michigan, the penalties associated with the intoxicated operation of a vehicle are significant regardless of who the person is or what his or her job may be. Recently, a sheriff from St. Joseph County was arrested and charged with drunk driving, and he is facing serious criminal repercussions if convicted of these allegations. His arrest came after law enforcement responded to a call reporting a motor vehicle accident. 

An alcohol-related motor vehicle accident 

At this point, Michigan State Troopers are currently investigating the accident. According to the news release about the crash, it occurred in the early morning hours on U.S. 131. The defendant was the only person in the vehicle, and he crashed into the back of another vehicle that was traveling in the same direction. Both vehicles left the road after the drivers lost control. 

After arriving at the scene of the crash, officers noted the sheriff was showing signs of intoxication. They administered field sobriety tests, after which they arrested him and booked him in the local jail. It is not clear if there was a breath test to determine his blood alcohol content at the time of the crash. 

His best defense options 

At this time, the Michigan sheriff is facing the possibility of jail time, loss of driving privileges and a range of other penalties. He will benefit from seeking experienced guidance regarding how he can seek the best possible outcome for his case and fight the charges against him. An assessment of his situation, his criminal record and other factors will help identify the defense options available to him.  



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