Are DWI Safe and Sober Campaigns in Minnesota effective?

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In Minnesota, the consequences of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are significant. A conviction for a DWI can result in penalties that may include time behind bars, loss of driving privileges, expensive fines and more. During specific times of the year, such as during the holidays, law enforcement will often make an effort to curb drunk driving by implementing DWI Safe and Sober Campaigns. There is sometimes a debate over whether these efforts are effective. 

Statistics from the holiday season 

Minnesota law enforcement made a specific and extra effort to focus on drunk drivers from the end of November to the end of December. During that time, there were more than 2,200 arrests for drunk driving, almost 100 more than during the same time the previous year. Police view these efforts as a way to keep the roads safer for everyone. 

During a DWI Safe and Sober Campaign, officers will monitor drivers for behaviors that could indicate drunk driving. If they suspect that a driver is intoxicated, he or she may be asked to submit to sobriety tests, and then a breath test. A person with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher is considered intoxicated, and he or she will be placed under arrest. 

Defending DWI charges 

Whether it is a first offense or a Minnesota driver who has previous offenses on his or her record, it is important to present a strong defense strategy. It may be possible to mitigate penalties or avoid a conviction. A driver facing DWI charges will benefit from speaking with an experienced defense attorney regarding his or her legal options. 



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