Minnesota man serving lengthy prison sentence for DWI

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In Minnesota, drunk driving comes with steep penalties, particularly in the event of an alcohol-related crash. When a defendant has previous DWIs on his or her record, it can also elevate the severity of penalties in the event of an additional conviction. One of these potential penalties includes a significant prison sentence, as demonstrated by a recent sentence given to a defendant for a 2021 drunk driving accident. 

A long prison sentence 

A judge sentenced the man to 75 months in prison after he entered a guilty plea for felony driving while intoxicated as part of a plea agreement. He was taken into police custody after an accident during which he drove his vehicle through a fence and into a residence. When law enforcement arrived at the scene, he became combative. His blood alcohol content at the time was .135 as determined by a preliminary test. 

According to reports of the accident, the man got behind the wheel after an argument with his son. He has at least eight previous drunk driving convictions on his criminal record, and his expected release is Oct. 2030. Upon his release, the judge ordered that he serve five years of probation. 

Seeking the best possible outcome 

When facing drunk driving charges, an accused individual in Minnesota has the right to seek the best possible outcome regardless of previous convictions. In some situations, this may mean considering a plea agreement. It is beneficial to work with an experienced attorney in order to have knowledgeable counsel at every step in the criminal justice process. 



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