Many arrests for drunk driving made over the holidays

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During the holiday season, there is often an increase in the number of drivers who drive while intoxicated. For this reason, law enforcement often increases enforcement at the end of the year. Over the past holiday season, police in Minnesota made 2,228 arrests for DWI. The statewide drunk driving enforcement campaignbegan on Nov. 23 and ran through Dec. 31.

Higher number of arrests

This year’s enforcement campaign resulted in approximately 200 more arrests than the year before. One jurisdiction alone made 70 DWI arrests, while another made 31. In the state, an estimated 31% of all roadway fatalities are related to drunk driving. The recent drunk driving enforcement campaign included extra patrols on the road and additional educational efforts.

According to a Minnesota law enforcement authority, police noticed an increase in poor decisions made by drivers during the holiday season. These behaviors included swerving while behind the wheel, difficulty maintaining the proper lane and more. During the campaign, drivers were arrested for operating a vehicle after drinking, as well as taking medications that caused impairment.

What’s next for these drivers?

Those arrested for drunk driving during the holiday enforcement campaign will benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced DWI defense attorney as soon as possible. Even a first-time offense can result in penalties that may include time behind bars, loss of driving privileges and other consequences that could impact multiple areas of his or her life. A defense attorney can help a defendant confront drunk driving charges, seeking the best possible outcome for the specific situation.



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