Drunk driving accident results in injury to pedestrian

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In Minnesota, the implications of driving while under the influence of alcohol can be substantial. A conviction for driving while intoxicated can result in time behind bars, expensive fines, a mark on one’s criminal record and other consequences that have the potential to change a defendant’s life. This is particularly true in DWI cases that involve an accident that results in the injury of another person. 

The implications of a pedestrian accident 

When a pedestrian and a vehicle collide, the accident often results in serious injuries. Pedestrians are largely unprotected against the impact of a moving vehicle, and even a low-speed collision can result in significant harm. Recently, in the Minnesota town of Rochester, an allegedly drunk driver struck a pedestrian, then fled the scene of the accident. The driver was later apprehended by law enforcement, and he is facing several criminal charges. 

According to reports of the accident, the pedestrian was struck as he was leaving a parking lot. The victim was taken to a hospital and treated for back pain. After locating the driver, police detected signs of intoxication, and blood alcohol content tests reportedly revealed a BAC of .172. 

Facing these charges 

The accused individual is facing charges that include driving while intoxicated, failure to stop at the scene of an accident and criminal vehicular operation resulting in bodily harm. At this point, the accused man will benefit from seeking the guidance and support of an experienced Minnesota defense attorney. While the charges against him are significant, he has the right to confront the prosecution’s case and fight for his future interests.  



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