Local Minnesota leader pleads not guilty to drunk driving

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A common consequence of drunk driving is the potential negative impact this type of event can have on someone’s reputation. For the President of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce, an arrest for DWI has the potential to impact his career and other areas of his life. He pleaded not guilty to these charges which stemmed from an arrest in September. The local leader has a previous DWI incident on his record from 2017.

What are the consequences he is facing?

Before his most recent arrest, the driver was found inside his vehicle by Minnesota law enforcement. A report of the incident found that he was asleep or falling asleep as he was sitting inside the SUV. The police report also states that the police found a bottle of alcohol in the vehicle as well, and a description by one officer notes the scent of alcohol emanating from the defendant and from inside his vehicle.

At the time of his arrest, police found the defendant unable to stay awake and speak coherently. A chemical test of his blood found his blood alcohol content to be more than three times the legal limit. Despite the evidence against him, the driver pleaded not guilty to two counts of second-degree DWI.

His defense options

Although the evidence against him seems significant, the Minnesota defendant has the right to seek the best possible outcome to his case. He is entitled to a defense and to challenge any aspect of the prosecution’s case against him. Drunk driving charges come with the potential for significant penalties, and a strong defense strategy is critical.



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