Drunk driving arrests in Minnesota are higher than previous year

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Statistics indicate that arrests related to the intoxicated operation of a vehicle are more common this year in Minnesota than they were the year before. The number of DWI arrests at this point in 2022 is higher than they were at this point in 2021. According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, 18,251 people have been placed under arrest for suspicion of drunk driving so far this year. 

Is drunk driving more common? 

Some of those arrests are due to certain drunk driving prevention campaigns, such as a recent one that was conducted over Labor Day weekend. Over 1,200 people were arrested during the effort that took place from mid-August to early September with support from extra law enforcement on patrol in different areas throughout the state. Last year, the same campaign resulted in 1,145 arrests. 

It is not immediately clear why there are approximately 11% more drunk driving arrests throughout the state so far this year but see our previous blog on the arrest data for last 7 years. Some of this may be related to increased patrols, but it is possible that other factors have played a role as well. Based on arrests up to this point, it is likely that DWI arrest numbers will be higher throughout the remainder of the year. 

After an arrest 

An arrest for drunk driving can result in serious penalties, including time behind bars and expensive fines. It is prudent for a Minnesota driver to take his or her case seriously, seeking defense counsel immediately after an arrest. An appropriate defense allows one to fight back, pursuing the best possible outcome to the individual situation.  



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