Alcohol a factor in fatal ATV accident in Minnesota

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When alcohol contributes to a motor vehicle accident of any kind, the individual behind the wheel could face particularly steep penalties. The penalties may be even more severe when the accident results in the death or injury of another person. Recently in Minnesota, an ATV accident led to a crash that ultimately caused the death of one woman. The driver of the ATV is facing criminal charges.

Facing felony criminal charges

The defendant was operating an all-terrain vehicle with a passenger on the back when the recreational vehicle crashed. However, at the time of his arrest, he initially told police that the passenger was actually the one driving, and the accident took place when she turned to talk to him. However, the police report indicates that law enforcement noticed a smell of alcohol, and his blood alcohol content was well over the legal limit when tested.

Area businesses were able to capture much of the accident on their outdoor security cameras. The footage actually indicates the defendant was driving the ATV while holding a beverage at the same time. After the accident, police say they found empty beer cans near where the vehicle crashed.

What is ahead for the defendant?

According to police, the defendant admitted to being the one operating the ATV after he was shown video footage. At this point, he will benefit from seeking experienced defense guidance as he pursues the best possible outcome. Regardless of the felony charges he is facing after the ATV accident, the Minnesota defendant has the right to a presumption of innocence and to confront the evidence against him.



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