Minnesota bus driver is facing drunk driving charges

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A Minnesota man is facing the potential for serious penalties that are likely to change the direction of his life after an arrest for intoxicated driving. At the time of his arrest, he was behind the wheel of a large bus that had dozens of students on board who were on their way to camp. He is currently charged with DWI, and if convicted, he could face time behind bars, expensive fines and much more.

Details of DWI arrest

According to the report, the driver came to the attention of law enforcement after a complaint was made about his driving. The driver was reported to be swerving on the road, and at one point, he almost went off the road and into a ditch. Police say that the bus driver did not notice them with their flashing lights, failing to initially respond to their attempts to pull the bus over.

After they stopped the vehicle, the driver allegedly displayed several signs that he could be intoxicated. This includes appearing confused, speaking in a slurred manner and having glassy eyes. A breath test revealed that the driver had a blood alcohol content of .257. Minnesota has a zero-tolerance law for school bus drivers.

The next steps for the defendant

The Minnesota bus driver is charged with refusing to take a sobriety test and driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Regardless of the strength of the case against him, he will benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced defense attorney regarding how he can confront the prosecution’s case. He has the right to fight the charges against him and pursue the best possible outcome of his case.



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