Strong defense critical after fatal ATV accident

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The consequences for drunk driving in Minnesota can be significant, especially if it involved an accident that resulted in the death or injury of another individual. One man is facing significant legal penalties that may impact the rest of his life after an alleged alcohol-related crash that claimed the life of a 12-year-old boy. At the time of the accident, the defendant was driving an all-terrain vehicle.

A tragic event

The man was driving an ATV from a party when the vehicle rolled over, killing the passenger onboard the side-by-side vehicle. At the crash site, several mailboxes were found on the ground, and security camera footage shows the ATV rolled over multiple times before coming to a stop. Police say that the driver admitted to drinking, and the report notes that his speech was slurred.

After arriving at the scene of the crash, law enforcement tested the driver for possible intoxication, and reported that his blood alcohol content was .19. This is more than twice the legal limit, and he was taken into police custody. He is charged with criminal vehicular homicide.

What is next?

Alcohol-related vehicular homicide charges are particularly grave, and they can lead to penalties that may include extensive time behind bars and more. This is a serious and sensitive case, and the defendant will find it beneficial to work with an experienced Minnesota defense attorney who can help him seek the best possible outcome for his case. Regardless of the details of the case, each person facing charges has the right to contest the case against him or her.



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