A DWI can negative impact one’s career

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Criminal charges associated with drunk driving have the potential to bring consequences that may affect every area of a defendant’s life. A conviction for DWI can lead to time behind bars, expensive fines and loss of driving privileges, but it can also have effects on one’s career. Fighting DWI charges is about more than just avoiding jail time; it is protecting one’s current job and future job opportunities.

Drunk driving and getting a job

Many employers ask potential job candidates to submit to a background check before officially hiring him or her. If a previous misdemeanor or felony DWI conviction in Minnesota comes up, it could influence the employer’s decision to offer a job to the applicant. This is particularly true when applying for jobs that may require driving a company vehicle or working with children.

In most cases, employers can ask a potential employee about previous convictions, but not arrests. This means that one could be placed under arrest for DWI, but if there is no conviction, this is unlikely to impact a job or come up on a background check. The impact of a DWI on one’s career depends largely on the type of job, the sensitive nature of job requirements and more.

The importance of a strong defense

A DWI could affect a Minnesota driver’s future for years to come. It is critical to take the potential impact of a drunk driving conviction on one’s career seriously, working to create a strong defense strategy. With the right approach, it may be possible to prevent a conviction and permanent mark on one’s criminal record.



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