DWI has negative impact on career of local politician

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Drunk driving charges can result in serious repercussions in the career of a Minnesota adult, but they can be especially harmful for those involved with politics. A Robbinsdale City Council member resigned from his position after he was charged with a DWI earlier this year. He was arrested and charged after allegedly driving his van on the wrong side of the road and causing a motor vehicle accident while under the influence of alcohol.

Details of his DWI case

According to his case, he is officially charged with driving under the influence, fleeing a peace officer and operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content more than .08. After he apparently crashed the van he was driving at the time, authorities say he fled the scene. They say the driver’s behavior was first brought to the attention of law enforcement after he was noticed driving the wrong way on an exit ramp.

Reportedly, after he was seen driving the wrong way, another police officer tried to stop him. Minnesota police say that the only way they were able to stop the vehicle was by crashing into it. They administered a breath test at the scene, and his BAC was said to be double the legal limit.

What is next for him?

The driver is facing serious legal charges for DWI and more. While his local political career was damaged, he could also find himself facing a range of criminal penalties that could impact other areas of his life. At this point, he is likely focused on protecting his interests and defending himself against the formal accusations.



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