Minnesota driver charged with DWI and endangering a child

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A Minnesota driver is facing serious repercussions after a suspected drunk driving traffic stop. He is now facing charges that include second-degree drunk driving and endangering a child as he had a 2-year-old with him in the vehicle at the time law enforcement pulled him over. If convicted of these charges, he may face penalties that could include time behind bars, steep fines, loss of driving privileges and more.

A suspected drunk driving traffic stop

His arrest came after law enforcement pulled him over due to suspicion that he was under the influence of alcohol. Reportedly, this included failure to maintain his lane, following vehicles too closely and almost striking other vehicles. The criminal complaint also asserts that the accused man did not yield to police emergency lights.

After the stop, police stated that they noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle. They said he was slurring his words and had watery eyes. The driver did not pass the field sobriety tests conducted by law enforcement, and he then submitted to a chemical test. His BAC level purportedly registered at .38, an amount that is almost five times the legal limit.

His defense options

The charges the driver is facing are especially serious since there was a child in his vehicle at the time of his arrest. At this point, he would be wise to begin developing an effective DWI defense strategy that would allow him to effectively confront the case against him and fight for the best possible outcome. To begin, he may benefit from speaking with an experienced drunk driving defense attorney.



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