Minnesota lawmaker pleads guilty to drunk driving

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In Minnesota, conviction of impaired driving can result in serious penalties, even for lawmakers and political leaders. Every individual is subject to grave consequences if he or she is charged with drunk driving, and each person facing these charges would be wise to seek the best possible outcome to his or her case. Recently, a state representative decided to plead guilty to a misdemeanor DWI offense as it was the best option for his unique situation.

A guilty plea to be entered

The lawmaker was arrested in January, and he initially pleaded not guilty at his first hearing. However, he reversed this decision, indicating that he will plead guilty to the charges against him. He admitted to getting behind the wheel with a blood alcohol content of .11% at the time of his arrest.

As part of his plea agreement, the representative will not spend any time behind bars. However, he will have a 90-day stayed sentence and pay almost $500 in court fees and other fines. His plea agreement also includes the requirement of speaking with a Mothers Against Drunk Driving panel and undergoing a chemical health assessment. The plea deal is subject to approval by a Minnesota judge.

Seeking the best outcome

Every drunk driving case is different, and the ideal outcome depends the details of the individual situation. If a plea agreement is offered, a defendant will want to carefully review the potential benefits and drawbacks of accepting the deal. When navigating the criminal justice system, a defendant will benefit from the assistance of an experienced defense attorney.



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