How could a DWI affect your job opportunities?

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A criminal conviction can change a life in various unexpected ways. For example, a drunk driving conviction may affect one’s career even years after an arrest. A DWI in Minnesota can bring a range of penalties that include time behind bars, expensive fines and a permanent mark on a criminal record. This mark could greatly reduce future job opportunities going forward, and it is in the best interests of an accused individual to avoid a conviction if at all possible.

The effect on your career

Employers often conduct a background check as part of their screening process when interviewing someone for a job, or the applicant may be asked to disclose any convictions on his or her record. If the applicant says yes, the potential employer may not hire him or her because of a DWI, even if it was years prior. This is especially true when interviewing for employment in sensitive roles, such as government jobs.

A conviction for a DWI could also make it difficult to secure employment in roles that involve driving, working with children or accessing sensitive information. A one-time mistake has the potential to affect the trajectory of the rest of one’s life, but it may be possible to avoid this possibility. By fighting a DWI, an individual is defending personal freedoms as well as his or her career.

After an arrest

The fight to avoid a conviction starts as soon as possible after an arrest. A Minnesota driver will benefit from reaching out to an experienced defense attorney from the very beginning to begin working on his or her defense strategy. An assessment of the individual case will reveal what legal options are available.



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