City council member in need of DWI defense

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A council member in Robbinsdale is facing not only charges but also dismissal from the council following a serious altercation with police. Minnesota authorities confirmed the man was found to be allegedly intoxicated following an extended chase with officers, and that he has been charged with the crime. The man has since posted bond as well as a statement on Facebook admitting his alleged addiction issues. He was set to make his first appearance in court on Jan. 26 when DWI defense will likely be addressed.

What reportedly happened during the incident?

According to the unusual report, it appears the 38-year-old man was spotted driving his minivan the wrong way on Highway 100 before crashing. No one appeared to be injured in the crash, and the man reportedly fled the scene in his vehicle. Officers attempted to block or box him in with their vehicles several times, but the man continued to evade them before they intentionally crashed into his vehicle.

The man was removed from the vehicle and was taken to a local police department, where he apparently blew a .20 BAC, more than twice the legal limit of .08. He now faces charges including DWI, DWI with a BAC of more than .08, and evading a police officer. In his public statement, the man said he is enrolling in a rehabilitation program to address his addiction issues.

Determining the best course of action when facing these charges

While this might sound suspect to some, the fact is alcohol addiction is very real and can lead otherwise-intelligent individuals to make dangerous decisions for themselves and others. While DWI can lead to tragedy, as too many Minnesota residents are aware, and must certainly be addressed as a criminal infraction, the human cost on the accused person should not be discounted. Given his apparent willingness to seek treatment, his attorney may choose to offer this as part of a plea bargain in his DWI defense.



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