Minnesota sheriff may need a strong DWI defense

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A county sheriff in Minnesota is facing several charges following a rollover crash that thankfully caused no casualties. The sheriff, active in Hennepin County, is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. It is unclear whether he is in custody in advance of a trial though he is likely already focused on preparing his DWI defense in this case.

What reportedly happened?

According to the information provided by responding officers, in the early hours of Dec. 9, a county vehicle driven by the sheriff overturned a few miles east of Interstate 94. The sheriff was wearing a seat belt and suffered three broken ribs, as well as injuries to his hip and head. He was treated in Alexandria.

At the hospital, officers were able to obtain a warrant for a urine sample, which allegedly revealed a blood alcohol level of .13, above the legal limit of .08, but below the threshold for a more serious charge. The sheriff allegedly admitted to drinking before getting behind the wheel after attending a Sheriff’s Association conference. He now faces one charge of 4th degree DWI as well as several related charges, including carrying his service pistol under the influence of alcohol.  

Moving forward when facing charges

While a 4th degree DWI is often filed against someone for whom this is their first offense, it could still spell the end of the sheriff’s career in law enforcement. This is why he will be represented in Minnesota criminal court by a dedicated attorney who will review any and all evidence brought forth by the prosecution in advance of a trial. This will help the attorney develop a strong DWI defense for the sheriff.



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