The different ways a DWI could affect your life

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A drunk driving charge will bring a range of penalties to your life that could have a long-term impact on you and your opportunities. Even for a first offense, you could face serious repercussions. In addition to a range of criminal penalties, you are also likely to experience consequences in multiple ways that you may not expect. It is wise not to underestimate the effect that a DWI in Minnesota can have on your life.  

You may assume that a guilty plea is the easiest and fastest way to get your life back after a DWI, but this is not always the most prudent course of action. In many situations, there is a valid reason to challenge the prosecution’s case against you. The ramifications of a conviction or guilty plea are significant, and it is in your interests to take your situation seriously. Starting with a full understanding of what you are up against, you can prepare an effective defense strategy. 

What is going to happen? 

When you consider the potential consequences of a drunk driving offense, you probably think about the possibility of going to jail. While time behind bars is a potential penalty for driving while under the influence, there are many criminal and non-criminal consequences associated with a DWI, including: 

  • A DWI conviction would be on any background check run by an employer, potentially affecting your employment opportunities. 
  • You could face a suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, affecting your ability to get to work and do other things. 
  • In addition to any fines associated with the DWI, you could face additional expenses due to higher insurance rates. 
  • A DWI can affect your professional relationships and your personal reputation, even impacting educational opportunities and more. 

There is a lot more on the line than just a mark on your criminal record. With the right defense strategy, you may be able to mitigate or avoid some of these consequences. 

Where should you start? 

A DWI is overwhelming, and you may not feel certain about what to do next. After an arrest or formal charge, you will find it helpful to learn about the specific defense options available to you. The right strategy with which you can challenge the case against you and fight for your future interests depends on the details of your individual situation, including your current criminal record and more. 



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